mandag 8. februar 2010

Buenos Aires-life

Ok, so a lot is going on. And we're NOT good at telling you about it!

Friday afternoon we received a very persuasive invitation to our first Argentinian "Friday night after-work". We jumped in a taxi and headed towards Buller, the one located downtown.



After :)

Friday we also found out we have a sushi take away approximately 20 meters from our front door, I cant believe I didn't notice this before. Saturday I tried it out after AK's parents informed us about what's good to eat during upset-stomach-times. Apparently one of these things is rice. You might think raw fish is not the best idea inside a not so happy, empty stomach. To your information; You're wrong! Hah... I'm cured, and the sushi was great!

It was still raining like crazy though, and we started getting used to it after one week of "bad" weather. The Trondheim'ish feeling almost met us on the corner, but then we opened or eyes and the feeling was gone again, since Trondheim actually could fit into one of the many parks we walk by every day.

Sunday we spent planning the close future, that is our time here in Buenos Aires. We did actually come up with a plan, but I will not inform you (the world) about it at this point, because I believe the falling height might be a bit high, and I really dont want to hit the ground while the world is watching. When we make it a reality it will be in the news, so wait until then to read about it.

What I CAN inform you about is that Embarrassing is back! We had a band meeting and after some thinking about pros and cons we figured it would be a disaster, and a crime, to keep on living in silence.

Today we did the ground work to make this into a success.

My new guitar :)

A very fine Takamine guitar looking exactly like this except from the fact that it has only 6 strings, it's "only" acoustic, is more brownish around on the sides and in the back, and that it has my name written all over it!

First official band practice after the comeback: Tomorrow!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Ahhhhhh, Miss you guys!! ;) Where can we get tix to the first concert?
    Sounds like you're havin' a blast. Ida, totally agree with your theory about the sushi and stomack thing (It works!!)

    Look forward to hear more! ;)

    Klem fra Bente

  2. Embarassing is back!!! Oh yeah!!! :)

  3. Kunne ønske man kunne "LIKE" hele bloggen!! :)