tirsdag 20. april 2010

Bus trippin'

I forgot to tell you last time, that while Alejandro & Simon were visiting we did a little travelling too: specifically to Mar del Plata, which is about 5h. south of BsAs. It's the IT-vacation spot for porteños and is known for it's beaches and casinos. We tried both (although the beach was a cold pleasure - the casino was better). I learned (to love) playing poker!

Anyway, that's all old news now, because there is a new trip waiting to happen:
Tomorrow Kjersti & I (AK) will go to Santiago de Chile, check Chile out for a few days,
then go to Mendoza and hopefully rent a few (well..let's start with 2) bikes
and then bike from vinyard to vinyard, untill we fall off the bike (don't worry mum,
I won't actually fall of the bike..probably not anyway).

Hasta la vista babies!!!!!! (that sounded weird...I just wanted to call you baby!)

Ida-we miss u <3

torsdag 15. april 2010


'Hola a todos

AK speaking again (Ida, where are you???? oh, that's right, in Villa General Belgrano close to Cordoba - update us please).

As you can guess, the band has split up : (not due to artistic differences)
Ida is in a town close to Cordoba working at an orphanage
Kjersti is on vacation in Peru, but is returning to BsAs in 2 days
and I'm still in Buenos Aires, studying hard....hard-ish.
When Kjersti gets back we're gonna (hopefully) do some traveling! :)

But untill then I thought I'd give you some pictures from the last travel.
All photo-credit goes to Kjersti, the master photographer of the trip...I think there's only 30 pictures from the last 4months on my camera...this is because a) I'm lazy. b) Kjersti is a better photographer anyway. If you wanna see more pictures, you should visit her blog:

The first picture starting this posting is of Kjersti&I with Thys, who we picked up at the busstation and decided to travel with.
The one below is of me climbing to get to the falls (the guide also was the photographer of the day). And some gorgeous pictures of the nature on our way around the Salta area also follow.

Lamas everywhere!

THANK YOU to the photographer Kjersti!
Some of these are definitely going up on my wall at home when I get back :)