torsdag 18. februar 2010

Measuring device

I don't think we've told you but our doorbell keeps ringing,
even when we are not expecting people. In order to open the door
we have to go downstairs with the key, so usually we are too lazy
if we're not expecting anyone. But, all this door-bell-ringing has made
us kind of curious.

So, the other day when it rang we decided to go downstairs and see who it
was and what they wanted. And at the door was a young gentleman
(who probably wasn't gentle at all) holding a small device
asking us to let him in, because he had to measure how much electricity
we've been using. YEAH. We think that's argentine for
"You have to let me in so I can rob you".

Seeing that we were neither in the mood to have our electricity use measured,
nor be robbed we figured it would be best NOT to let this door-bell-ringer come in.

But other than that, our life here in BsAs has been very crime/crime-attempt-free!

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