torsdag 18. februar 2010

A couple of new Tango-stars have been spotted shining vaguely on the Argentinian night sky.

Yesterday we really did it! The Tango is now basically running through our blood vessels in desperate need to get out there and please the cheering crowd. This means we walk on our toes all day long, most of the time backwards and with fancy crossings of the legs in between (I wasn't too far off actually in Heathrow, so if you feel like a visual just check out the video AK kindly posted from that performance.

Well at least it's almost like this. Truth to be told we did actually attend the whole beginners-class this time, and we danced with Jose from Argentina, Thomas from Denmark, a guy from Sweden, a guy from the US, a guy that I didn't feel like asking anything and a guy that didn't speak.

It was a lot of fun and very interesting. And we did figure that we do actually have the chance here now to learn a truly amazing and breathtaking form of dancing... the Tango!


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