lørdag 28. februar 2009

Birthday party weekend nachspill

Enjoy this short, yet lovely song performance, from my birthday party nachspill:

Apart from this lovely song I also got cake (proper American birthdaycake!)
and birthday presents!

It`s been a great birthday weekend so far, and it ain`t over yet! :)

onsdag 25. februar 2009

<3 Trondheim <3

The cuteness of Ida`s last blog entry really warmed my heart, and my love declaration for Ida, Trondheim and ALL the lovely people in Trondheim (and on the picture) will be in the form of a song:

We`re better together!


søndag 22. februar 2009

Philly! (and the longest blog entry ever)

We`re back from Philadelphia, in one piece!
Let me take you through our journey step by step (day by day):

We drove from State College to Philadelphia, luckily WITH a GPS, making everything a lot easier.
And here you can see a summary of what went on during the trip (yes, my voice was equally manly and annoying all 200 miles to Philly...just ask Lloyd):

We stopped in Lancaster desperately looking for Amish people, but a plastic horse at a gas station is all we could find, so we had to make do with that:

And luckily we did find the outlet malls in Lancaster and got a lot of shopping done, for a ridiculously low price. Here is Lloyd and our sweet rental car in front of one of the stores:

This is how Lloyd shops, he looks at the item, and then tries to measure with his eyes if it will fit, instead of trying it on...

come to think of it, I still don`t know if he got it right...did you try it on now Lloyd? was it a good strategy?

We stayed on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, which means that we had to go through Camden to get to Philly..and as our hotel receptionist nicely said it
"when you get to Camden..whatever you do, don`t get out of the car, just keep going untill you`re in Philly". Please notice Lloyd`s new and cool watch, plus the fact that we`re driving on a car with more lanes than your mother:

Lloyd demonstrating how to get from NJ to downtown Philly:

Once we got to Philly we of course checked out the major turist attraction such as
the Liberty Bell:

(where we found this guy, making the "V" for "Vasset" sign):

and Independence Hall:

and, dam-dam-dam:
The Rocky stairs!!

We even found the Norwegian flag (ok, and pretty much all the flags ever) on the way..this was along Philly`s answer to Champ Elysses in Paris:

Lloyd & I were especially fascinated by all the skyskrapers..here you can see some of them:

There were a lot of other fascinating things to look at in Philly also, like all the paitings on buildings:

or this work of art that we had to run sneak out way through a pack of eager skateboarders to get to

and even the manequins in Philly have more to look at than the ones we`re used to:

Other things to look at was the gate to Chinatown

or the big shining Hard Rock Cafe guitar by night:

And on our way back to State College we stopped in Hershey, the town know for the chocolate "Hershey" (Norwegians, imagine a town called "Freia" built around/because of the chocolate factory!). Sadly the amusement park is not open this time of year, but we went for a tour of the factory, as the only people over 10 and under 50:

Welcome to Hershey

It was a nice vacation, and in only 2 weeks we`ll hit the road again!
But till then, it`s high school life!

torsdag 19. februar 2009

David Toska and hamburgers

I`m 99% sure that I saw David Toska (in charge of the biggest robbery in Norway`s history, where a police officer was killed) tonight at a restaurant in State College.

I also payed less than 5 dollars for a burger and fries at that same restaurant
(no! not McDonalds)..which would be like 35NOK. haha. good stuff. yeah, the burger was good too.

I also have to mention that I went out to eat with 2 guys, and I finished my burger long before they did.

Is it a bad sign that I`m proud of that?

Roadtrippin, roses and pimps!

Hey all!

This weekend I`m going on a roadtrip with Lloyd to Philadelphia
(yes, as in "streets of philadelphia", the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the Rocky staircases). Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, and the 6th most populous city in the US. It is also one of the cities with most crime in the US.
Needless to say, we`re excited!

We`re gonna stop in Harrisburg, Hershey and Lancaster on the way for some shopping / Amish-people spotting too. If I make it back alive I will give a rapport about all of our adventures.

Yesterday was a nice day! I got a phonecall from the post office, saying there was a delivery for me. I expected it to be something boring, but I quickly discovered I was wrong, as I entered the building and two women asked me if I was "301"?
(which I am, cause it`s my room number) and told me "oh, this is so cute"!
I was kinda confused, but then one of the ladies hand me 3 red roses and a teddybear - ai ai ai! Nice work, Spain ;) thanks!

Look how pretty:

And from roses to pimps:
I`m making my classes write rap songs using their new vocabulary words, and prepare rap performances to show their classmates, and today I got a sweet question:
Can I use the word pimp in my rap?

First of all:
How amazing is it that he ASKED for permission?
Second of all:
How amazing is it that the word he wanted to use was something so mild?

It actually took me a few minutes to understand which word he meant, cause I was expecting something a lot worse!

I`m sure had my high school class been given the task of writing rap songs,
we a) wouldn`t ask for permission, and b) would use A LOT of bad language.

Gotta love America.
and Spain.
and Norway too of course.

mandag 16. februar 2009

Me & my mentor

I thought it was about time I introduced my mentor to you:
This is me & Jenn at a track meet for the high school teams: My mentor is great!! she`s the best! :)

Oh, and I also have to tell you about a really good comment I heard the other day:
I was getting a drink at a bar (not an uncommon situation by any means)
and the bartender-girl said she needed to see my ID (the drinking age is 21 over here). So I pull up my passport (I carry it with me everywhere, cause that`s the only kind of ID they accept for foreigners) and she says:
I`m sorry, I`m afraid we can`t accept passports.
I said: is there anything more official than a passport?
She said: what can I get you today?

haha. good stuff.

søndag 15. februar 2009

Valentine`s day <3

Me and my roommates (minus Li from China):

I was definitely in the right country for celebrating Valentine`s day on Saturday!

The grocery stores were filled with cards, chocolates in heart shaped boxes, and everything was red or pink!

To celebrate Valentine`s day I went out to eat with my roommates, then to the movies with some friends (to watch "he`s just not that into you" - appropriate for Valentine`s day, huh?), and then to have some drinks!

A great celebration!

I hope your Valentine`s day was as good as mine! :)

mandag 9. februar 2009

Lloyd getting spanked in public

Yes, you read that heading correctly!

This one is for my fellow Norwegian Lloyd,
it`s his birthday today, and as I like to tell everyone we meet:
he is now closer to 30 than to 20. You do the math.

So, apperantly I also go to Hooters a lot (when I`m not at basketball games I mean), and shockingly Hooters was Lloyd`s dream location for his birthday party!

Take a look at how birthdays are celebrated at Hooters
(again, sorry that the first part of the video is side-ways):

Other fun stuff from Hooters for your enjoyment
(especially for those of you who expressed disappointment that I only took 2 pictures last time I was there..you know who you are!)
I like to call this picture "what are you looking at there, Lloyd?" :

There we go!

I almost failed this exam twice....that`s sad:

That`s enough hooters for now! :)

søndag 8. februar 2009


Another basketball game, I know, it seems to be all I do!
One of the cool things about going to a basketball game in the US is the cheerleaders!

And for your pleasure I present you with this video showing you some lucky guys with a nice view holding and then dropping some cheerleaders (drop it like it`s hot!):

That`s all folks.

torsdag 5. februar 2009

Who said 14 year olds were mean?

I had the most amazing day today (and it`s just 1.30!)!

My supervisor was visiting and evaluating me as a teacher,
and my class (that`s usually loud and unfocused) were SO nice..everyone were quiet and listened to me, and the whole session went so smoothly.

One guy even whispered to me:
hey, if you need to look god in front of your supervisor you can yell at me any time you want.

Isn`t that the cutest thing you`ve EVER heard?
My cold teacher heart melted at that point!

After the assessment my supervisor even took me and Lloyd out for lunch, to TGI Friday`s and payed for a delishious meal.
Now, it just doesn`t get any better than that!

Tonight I`m going out for dinner again with some friends and then to a Madeline Albright event.

This is a great day! :)

tirsdag 3. februar 2009

Fo- Anne Kristine -paux

So I made my first teacher fo-paux in the US today (I think, there might have been several in the past that I just didn`t notice).
I said "blablabla....badass"..and all the kids were like:
WHAAAAT?! what did you say?

And I was like: eh..what now?

Anyway, it was really funny, and they`d never heard a teacher use a word like that before! Amazing..my mentor thought it was really funny cause all the student got really shocked. I would never in a million years have thought twice about using that word in Norway when teaching, but I guess here I should clean up my language even more than I do at home in Norway. Oh well, at least I managed to stay away from "fuck" and "shit"..I`m happy with that ;)

mandag 2. februar 2009

Post pittsburgh rapport

I`m back from Pittsburgh!

It was great to be in a big city again..with sky-skrapers and everything (you know, since I am from the huge city of Trondheim).

It was great to see Catherine again, and she has a really nice apartment (and car)!

We went shopping, we went out eating, we went sightseeing...we even watched dodgeball! (don`t ask because it doesn`t have a logical explanation! :P)

Because of the Steelers (Pittsburgh`s pride and football team) EVERYONE (I mean everyone) were in the Steeler colors, black and yellow. And this guy had a cd out with Steeler songs:

Sorry that it`s not turned the right direction!

PS. The Steelers won the superbowl!! :)