lørdag 13. februar 2010



Yesterday we went to the Beyonce concert here in BsAs.
or, well, in San Isidro, 30min. outside BsAs.


we were there! :)
It was a really good concert, with all the latest hits like Halo, All the single ladies etc.
but also some good old ones from Destiny's Child. Beyonce is really an entertainer!

Getting to San Isidro was really easy, we took a train and it cost 0,80 peso=1,5NOK.
However, getting home proved more difficult. It seemed that all the people who were at the concert (quite a few) were going back to the city. So, we decided to sit down, have a beer and a pizza and wait it out and hope that when we finished there would be lots of available taxis.
Yeah, we were wrong.
When we got to the taxi-line the police officer informed us that it would be around 2h. to wait.
We didn't believe him...it couldn't be SO long to wait?
Yeah, we were wrong. It was.
So we waited and waited and waited.
But at least something interesting happened..the taxi driver asked me (AK) if I was from Brazil.
Now that's a compliment.
So we waited some more, and then finally got home.

But, it was worth it! Beyonce was great! :)

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