onsdag 17. februar 2010

Please be my Valentine!!!

Ooooofh, I guess the worst idea you could ever come up with is going to South America to "celebrate" Valentines day. For some reason we managed to stumble over this celebration without any specific hopes or agenda. Being three seemingly "single" girls walking around in this maze of read hearts, couples making out in unappropriated places and teddy bears playing 'I-love-you-songs' for a couple of weeks before the big day of love, we decided to get ourselves good seats and the biggest box of popcorn available in our local movie theater - to bury our sorrows and let some pressure out of our systems, this in the form of salty, miserable tears. The movie: 'Valentines day' of course.

The movie wasn't too sad really, it was nice and loving, and we felt good after... And after devouring three huge boxes of famous Argentinian ice-cream we felt even better, though also a bit nauseous. The two approximately 80-year-old women sitting next to us in the movie theater also made us feel a little bit happier, mostly because they also didn't have a date for the evening. If they would have had dates the regular clinching with their loos teeth would have been a little bit annoying, but since they were there in the same business as us... it was all good!

Leaving the movies we once again stumbled over love, but this time it was someone else's, and it was so damn beautiful. Coming down the stairs towards us was a freakin hot guy and a amazingly beautiful girl. Apparently the guy had given her an 'I love you - balloon' earlier in the evening. We were "aaaaawh-ing" some times after them, and being in need of sharing my emotions I just had to tell them that they looked beautiful together. For some reason they didn't get scared or anything and leaving the main entrance I felt someone poking my shoulder. It was the guy giving me his camera wanting us to take a picture of them officially showing their love to each other. I can't describe it, what a beautiful moment, and the slowness of the camera made the kiss last forever and it gave us what we needed that evening. Our belief in true love was revitalized.

On behalf of Anne Kristine and myself... We do believe in love, and hey boys, we love you! (You know who you are, but just to specify that would be Alejandro Munoz Garcia & Simon Meesker).


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