søndag 14. februar 2010

Carneval in Ri..... No, in Buenos Aires!

The famous carneval isn't just in Rio!
Luckily it is also in Buenos Aires!

Saturday nigth we took a walk to see how porteños (the people of BsAs)
celebrate carneval. The carneval is only found in certain streets, during the
weekends all through February.

Here you can see a little bit of the celebration:

After the carneval we went to a restaurant to eat,
and were surronded by couples celebrating Valentine's Day.
We looked a bit strange in the mix I think...5 scandinavian girls
alone on the night before Valentine's Day. But it's all good.
We'll tell you about the celebration of Valentine's Day later! :)

The restaurant was really a romantic setting for a date, with cute sofas everywhere:

For dessert Ida & I decided to go for "un poco de todo" (litt av alt)
it was actually called "un poco de todo" on the menu...and it was true. and delicious.

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