mandag 16. februar 2009

Me & my mentor

I thought it was about time I introduced my mentor to you:
This is me & Jenn at a track meet for the high school teams: My mentor is great!! she`s the best! :)

Oh, and I also have to tell you about a really good comment I heard the other day:
I was getting a drink at a bar (not an uncommon situation by any means)
and the bartender-girl said she needed to see my ID (the drinking age is 21 over here). So I pull up my passport (I carry it with me everywhere, cause that`s the only kind of ID they accept for foreigners) and she says:
I`m sorry, I`m afraid we can`t accept passports.
I said: is there anything more official than a passport?
She said: what can I get you today?

haha. good stuff.

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