mandag 2. februar 2009

Post pittsburgh rapport

I`m back from Pittsburgh!

It was great to be in a big city again..with sky-skrapers and everything (you know, since I am from the huge city of Trondheim).

It was great to see Catherine again, and she has a really nice apartment (and car)!

We went shopping, we went out eating, we went sightseeing...we even watched dodgeball! (don`t ask because it doesn`t have a logical explanation! :P)

Because of the Steelers (Pittsburgh`s pride and football team) EVERYONE (I mean everyone) were in the Steeler colors, black and yellow. And this guy had a cd out with Steeler songs:

Sorry that it`s not turned the right direction!

PS. The Steelers won the superbowl!! :)

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  1. You should see the movie Dodgeball if you haven't! Good ol' fun :) And by the way, I love your blog and I'm sooo excited, just like the Pointer Sisters, to come visit you! Peace and love and hugs from Linda