mandag 9. februar 2009

Lloyd getting spanked in public

Yes, you read that heading correctly!

This one is for my fellow Norwegian Lloyd,
it`s his birthday today, and as I like to tell everyone we meet:
he is now closer to 30 than to 20. You do the math.

So, apperantly I also go to Hooters a lot (when I`m not at basketball games I mean), and shockingly Hooters was Lloyd`s dream location for his birthday party!

Take a look at how birthdays are celebrated at Hooters
(again, sorry that the first part of the video is side-ways):

Other fun stuff from Hooters for your enjoyment
(especially for those of you who expressed disappointment that I only took 2 pictures last time I was know who you are!)
I like to call this picture "what are you looking at there, Lloyd?" :

There we go!

I almost failed this exam twice....that`s sad:

That`s enough hooters for now! :)

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