søndag 22. februar 2009

Philly! (and the longest blog entry ever)

We`re back from Philadelphia, in one piece!
Let me take you through our journey step by step (day by day):

We drove from State College to Philadelphia, luckily WITH a GPS, making everything a lot easier.
And here you can see a summary of what went on during the trip (yes, my voice was equally manly and annoying all 200 miles to Philly...just ask Lloyd):

We stopped in Lancaster desperately looking for Amish people, but a plastic horse at a gas station is all we could find, so we had to make do with that:

And luckily we did find the outlet malls in Lancaster and got a lot of shopping done, for a ridiculously low price. Here is Lloyd and our sweet rental car in front of one of the stores:

This is how Lloyd shops, he looks at the item, and then tries to measure with his eyes if it will fit, instead of trying it on...

come to think of it, I still don`t know if he got it right...did you try it on now Lloyd? was it a good strategy?

We stayed on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, which means that we had to go through Camden to get to Philly..and as our hotel receptionist nicely said it
"when you get to Camden..whatever you do, don`t get out of the car, just keep going untill you`re in Philly". Please notice Lloyd`s new and cool watch, plus the fact that we`re driving on a car with more lanes than your mother:

Lloyd demonstrating how to get from NJ to downtown Philly:

Once we got to Philly we of course checked out the major turist attraction such as
the Liberty Bell:

(where we found this guy, making the "V" for "Vasset" sign):

and Independence Hall:

and, dam-dam-dam:
The Rocky stairs!!

We even found the Norwegian flag (ok, and pretty much all the flags ever) on the way..this was along Philly`s answer to Champ Elysses in Paris:

Lloyd & I were especially fascinated by all the skyskrapers..here you can see some of them:

There were a lot of other fascinating things to look at in Philly also, like all the paitings on buildings:

or this work of art that we had to run sneak out way through a pack of eager skateboarders to get to

and even the manequins in Philly have more to look at than the ones we`re used to:

Other things to look at was the gate to Chinatown

or the big shining Hard Rock Cafe guitar by night:

And on our way back to State College we stopped in Hershey, the town know for the chocolate "Hershey" (Norwegians, imagine a town called "Freia" built around/because of the chocolate factory!). Sadly the amusement park is not open this time of year, but we went for a tour of the factory, as the only people over 10 and under 50:

Welcome to Hershey

It was a nice vacation, and in only 2 weeks we`ll hit the road again!
But till then, it`s high school life!

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