torsdag 19. februar 2009

Roadtrippin, roses and pimps!

Hey all!

This weekend I`m going on a roadtrip with Lloyd to Philadelphia
(yes, as in "streets of philadelphia", the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the Rocky staircases). Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, and the 6th most populous city in the US. It is also one of the cities with most crime in the US.
Needless to say, we`re excited!

We`re gonna stop in Harrisburg, Hershey and Lancaster on the way for some shopping / Amish-people spotting too. If I make it back alive I will give a rapport about all of our adventures.

Yesterday was a nice day! I got a phonecall from the post office, saying there was a delivery for me. I expected it to be something boring, but I quickly discovered I was wrong, as I entered the building and two women asked me if I was "301"?
(which I am, cause it`s my room number) and told me "oh, this is so cute"!
I was kinda confused, but then one of the ladies hand me 3 red roses and a teddybear - ai ai ai! Nice work, Spain ;) thanks!

Look how pretty:

And from roses to pimps:
I`m making my classes write rap songs using their new vocabulary words, and prepare rap performances to show their classmates, and today I got a sweet question:
Can I use the word pimp in my rap?

First of all:
How amazing is it that he ASKED for permission?
Second of all:
How amazing is it that the word he wanted to use was something so mild?

It actually took me a few minutes to understand which word he meant, cause I was expecting something a lot worse!

I`m sure had my high school class been given the task of writing rap songs,
we a) wouldn`t ask for permission, and b) would use A LOT of bad language.

Gotta love America.
and Spain.
and Norway too of course.

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