lørdag 24. januar 2009

Mind the bumps

Hooters baby!

One of the decorations in the restaurant:

Friday night was the time for visiting a famous historical American institution:

For those of you who haven`t heard of this all-american awesome concept, it is a restaurant/bar chain, where all servers are female (with hooters) wearing shorts
(borderline panties based on size) and tight tops.
Now, what more can a Norwegian girl ask for on a friday night?
Beats me!

In order to preserve my confidence I decided that all the beautiful girls working there for sure are stupid. It helped.
Anyway, here I am, in my burka with my two hooter-hotties :

PS. There is a small chance my good friend Lloyd might have enjoyed this visit too.

1 kommentar:

  1. Take me to hooters :O!
    Nah, joking, there are enough nice girls in Norway :P
    Hope that everything is going good in the US!

    See you!