onsdag 21. januar 2009

More basketball!

So, me and Lloyd went to another basketball game, and this time we won!

We also discovered the fact that those who get there first get the best student seats, it isn`t related to numbers where you are placed..so this time, we sat almost courtside baby! I think that`s why the team did so well..they could feel our good energy! I take full credit!

And I also re-discovered the pleasure in popcorn, it`s so nice to grab into my box of popcorn, pull up a fist full, aim it where I think my mouth might be (I`m not sure as I`m still watching the game with full concentration) push the hand against my face, open my mouth and hope that at least a few popcorns find their way.
Then I look down at my sweater and realize that 90% of the popcorn ended up in my hair..man, I feel like a woman! :)

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