onsdag 14. januar 2009


Hi again people (the 2 people reading this blog might be Ida and myself, but whatever..HI, anyway!:))

I have safely arrived in the US, after a sprint through Heathrow airport, and A LOT of security checks..I would tell u how many but I lost count right around number 5.
We received a warm welcome here in State College and I`m settled in to my new room (not nearly as nice or cheap as Moholt sadly but it`s ok!).

I have discovered that State College the city is covered in University buildings so there are students everywhere, which is great! :)

My mentor in the high school where I will be teaching (get this:) advanced (!!) English is very nice, and I`ll be starting tomorrow. I`m sad to report that there are no metal detectors by the doors of the school building (aka dangerous minds), but I`ll try to find some drama elsewhere.

In an attempt to blend in I have eaten a lot of burgers, said "awesome!!!" 50 times per day, and to top it off, tonight me and the other norwegian student (lloyd) will be going to a school basketballgame wearing our brand new "Penn State" sweaters.

The city is more or less covered with snow, which makes me feel right at home, but I kind of miss Norwegian food (we learned the hard way that macaroni and cheese, at least the kind u get on a box, is disgusting!).

Hollah back Norway! :)

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