søndag 25. januar 2009

Gin&tonics and Chinese New Years

I forgot to tell you something really important about Hooters:
The Gin&Tonics there only cost 2 dollars...TWO DOLLARS!
that`s 14NOK...14!!! 14!!!! That wouldn`t even get you the tonic in Norway..
I like this country!

And yesterday I payed 4dollars to get in to a disco and hang my coat..that`s 28NOK!
For that you would just be able to hang your coat in Norway..and that wouldn`t help you, cause you`d still be on the outside, so why would you want your coat on the inside, when you ain`t got no money to get in? you get my point.

This country is cheap, and I like it!

Other than that going out in the US is quite similar to going out in Norway..same music more or less, same dancemoves more or less, same creapy people sneaking up behind you.

PS. Donuts make a lovely night-snack. I recommend the peanut butter cup donut!

Oh, and also: there is a Chinese New Years celebration going down in my kitchen.
That`s all I wanted to say.

Peace out

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