søndag 24. januar 2010

We just ate a whole cow!

Apologies to the ozon layer. But it was delicious.

So, as promised in the last posting we went to the restaurant La Cabrera yesterday, with great expectations, since it had been recommended to us by several people who have visited Bs.As. (yes, that's the abbreviation for Buenos Aires that all the cool kids (now that includes us) use!)

Argentina is famous for steaks, so we were going for the cow.
Kjersti and I (AK) ordered the bife de chorizo, but Ida decided to go her own way on the menu choice, and eventhough the waiter tried to warn her that it would be too much, and 3 long pieces of meat for just her, Ida bravely insisted.

A good sign

This was the steak-knife.

And despite reading several places that if you order beef you don't get anything else than the piece of meat, we can now tell you that this is NOT true at La Cabrera. Kinda wish we would have known that before we went crazy eating bread and the extra large salat before the food was served. Because at the end of the evening (after approx. 3 hours of non-stop eating) we had devoured almost 2kg. of pure meat between the three of us. Not to mention all the other stuff we ate on the side.

Kjersti & I had 1 each of these, Ida had 3.

Then this guy came and gave us more stuff to eat.

One waiter was so impressed that even though we were sweating cow he invited us (mostly Ida) out to dance that same evening (we politely declined due to above mentioned meat-sweating).

I may or may not have ordered tiramisu for dessert.

Things heard around the dinner-table:
- I feel that this is what life is all about!
- I'm so full that I'm gonna throw up.....hm, maybe a little bit of salat?
- K: It looks like it's common to just order one piece of beef for 2 people
I: Yes, but the ones doing that are girls, and we don't wanna be no damn girls!!

If you ever come visit we will definitely go to La Cabrera!

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  1. Good job girls! I'm proud of you! :)

  2. Ej åt Argentinsk biff i går, i Hamar! :) Godt