fredag 22. januar 2010


¡Hola a todos!

NO more excuses! we HAVE internet at home, and will now blog frequently! :)

So, where to start?
Well, it's still hot and still cheap.

oh yes, I know exactly where to start!
The airport.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Ida, demonstrating the tango

Ida wants you all to know that that is not how it looked in her head.

Not sure how to create a natural segway from Ida's gracious movements to....well, anything. So:

We live in a really nice apartment, as you can see below

Bedroom (there's 2, but this is the one that I share with Ida)


Oh yes, new address AGAIN (note to self, try to stay in one place longer than 6months)
Jerónimo Salguero 1881 2D
Palermo, CP: 1425
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

We will start working for L.I.F.E. Argentina on Monday with a workshop for kids, followed by a birthday celebration for children Wednesday, English lessons Friday, cooking classes Saturday and a football tournament to raise money for Haiti "Kick it for Haiti" on Sunday.

Untill then we are pretty much on holiday.
And we have noticed a few things while walking around the city:
Despite it being summer it's SO green everywhere!

Don't be fooled though, there aren't that many skyscrapers in Buenos Aires
(I always imagined there would be a lot).

AND the women are GORGEOUS!
Sorry dudes, no pictures of that....yet.

We have decided to take some steps to try to match all of this gorgeousness that surrounds us, and have
a) bought some dresses
b) joined a gym to work out
c) started working on a tan

We'll keep you posted on how that works out (a work out...get it?)

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