mandag 25. januar 2010

San Telmo & La Boca - we're still alive!

Yesterday we got on a sweaty bus 29 and left our new home of Palermo to see some other parts of this enormous city. While sitting there on the bus with my back slowly but certainly becoming one with the leather seat I finally do understand that this city really has everything.

In the barrio of San Telmo the late colonial and Rosista buildings still stand tall. The area is known to be a very atmospheric place and we find that it definitely lives up to the rumors. Every Sunday it's a big (and very popular amongst tourists) antiques market in Plaza Dorrego. Here you can find anything and everything, from street-puppet-shows to any wanted colored old-style-telephones.

After dancing some Tango in the streets in San Telmo followed by watching some REAL Tango-dancers we had lunch in a place where the three tables surrounding us contained by one; two Brazilian guys wanting to taste AK's leftovers before ordering their own food, two; a Norwegian couple who looked very Norwegian, and three; two American couples in their late fifties who had been traveling around South America for a couple of weeks and still didn't know the Spanish word for beer. We said "hasta luego" to the Brazilian guys, "hade" to the Norwegians and "everything the Americans needed to tell the waiter in Spanish" to the Americans waiter, and then left to jump into a taxi going in direction La Boca, knowing that would be the safest way to travel.

La Boca is colorfull!

By the way, today was our first day of work. In Ejercito Celestial. A suburb a little bit south in Buenos Aires. I will write about that tomorrow.


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