fredag 29. januar 2010

This is what life is all about...

I don't know, but life as it seems here is everything from slum and poverty too over the top and plastic surgery. Walking down the street is like a ride on the financial roller coaster. On one corner in the main shopping street you can see a girl of 7 years old selling vegetables, from early in the morning till late in the evening. On an another apparently rich businessmen leaving their office to have lunch in a fancy restaurant. But the most unpleasant is of course all the women walking down the street with silicon here and botox there. That really makes you realize that its something very wrong with this world.

And then its us, rich compared to most people here. Amazed by the prices. Happy to spend money on things that is so cheap here compared to at home. Food, clothes, fitness and other, for us, normal things. Doesn't that make us part of the problem?

To be honest, I don't feel rich when it comes to money! I want to travel more, I want to see more things and places than what my wallet allows me to. And that I guess, means that I'm spoiled and a even bigger part of the problem.

But somehow I don't have a bad conscience because of this. I know I'm extremely lucky, and I know I will have the opportunity to do a lot in my lifetime, but I don't fell bad about that. I feel bad about all those who won't have the same opportunity to do what they want the most. Therefore I promise that I will do what I can to make the barbie dolls walking the streets of Buenos Aires, and any other person with a misconception concerning the use of their resources - anywhere in the world, realize that what they are doing is wrong. And that if you have the choice between another nose job and putting the 7 year old in a school for one year, the right thing would be to choose the school.

To be a "tourist" in this place is like kicking yourself in the head. We go to the park to get a tan, while the people living in the slum seek shelter from the burning sun. We buy a bottle of wine at the supermarket because it is so cheap, while people one the street is begging you for money to buy water. We go to a restaurant to try the famous Argentinian meat, and we cant finish our plate, while so many in this city go to bed every night feeling hungry.

Should we maybe walk around with a constant tummy ace and feel bad? Well, I don't. I feel bad sometimes, but it passes. And then I'm back to being extremely happy again...

In the end we might also be part of the solution. Yes, we are visiting bad areas of the city, and yes, we will tell people about it when we get home. But didn't very many do this before us, and didn't they tell everyone when they got home? Yes - but it doesn't seem like anything happened. It's about time something happens. So be prepared... I believe I will shout it directly in your face the next time I see you.

- felling a little bit sad again,
super happy in one hour...

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  1. a very interesting blog entry! makes me thoughtfully...