torsdag 10. september 2009

Estoy embarrazada

(for the Spanish speakers out there): No, I`m not pregnant.
I am however language confused and embarrassed.

For those of you that don`t know, I`m living in Spain now, and I`m spending my days studying Spanish in Barceloooona.

I had to do a placement test to get into the language course, and as my pen failed me I had to ask to borrow a pen. But the woman only spoke Spanish and not English (something that is too common in Spain..grr) so I had to ask her in..."spanish".
I said: "necesito un penne"
Thinking it meant "i need a pen"

It meant "i need a penis".

She couldn`t help me with that.

Stay tuned for more embarrassment to come.

PS. my new contact information is:
0034 645 574469
Puigcugull 103, 1-1
17244 cassa de la selva, girona, spain

Anne Kristine

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