tirsdag 7. juli 2009

A blast from the past

Reading Ida's blogging below (highly recommended btw) I felt
a) sad cause Ida is done in Trondheim, and Moholt is not the same without her
b) sad cause I JUST realized that so am I!
c) a need to give a small update on my own life

First of all, I found something that reminded me of my US days.
They think that it's crazy how we publish a list over how much people earn, pay in taxes and has as fortune every year? well, take a look at what they publish:
City: State College
State: Pennsylvania
---> and get a list over all the sex offenders that were my neighbours when I lived in State College. (I lived next to the big golf court)..I bet my mum is glad she didn't see this map while I was there!

Although I haven't escaped to quite as exotic islands for my summer job as Ida and Simon I have managed to do some travels myself lately.

At the end of the semester I travelled to Barcelona to pay my lovely boyfriend a surprise visit. I randomly showed up at a bar where he was meeting his sister
and finally got back at him for his Sula-visit-surprise last christmas!

A week later I jetted off to Latvia and Lithuania with my mum and brother to visit my dad who had arrived a few days before. It was fascinating and very different to visit these countries. We spent most of our time in the country side, and it still shocks me that I saw an old lady with a scarf on her head on the back of a horse plowing the fields, aka Norway 1950. I also got to try some delicious Lithuanian food (that I will not try to write the name of) Sheborekas and Schaslikas.
I'm a 100% sure that that's not how it's written, but who cares, it was delicious!

I'm back in Trondheim and working now, but i'm already planning a trip to the big city of Steinkjer for the Viking Festival in just a few days.

The burning world that Ida referred to in her last entry is calling us, and it seems the fire is in Argentina. We have found the organization we want to work for, and it seems we have also found an apartment for Spring.
Did we tell you about our plans by the way?
Ida will spend fall in Germany, and I will be in Spain (these countries are chosen completely by random, and it has nothing to do with two hot pieces of boyfriends whatsoever!) and then we'll meet in Argentina in January for a semester of taking South America with storm! :)

That's all for now,
we'll keep you posted!

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  1. Barcelona på høsten og Buenos Aires på våren høres bare sykt bra ut :) Du har sikkert vært mer i Barcelona enn meg men jeg kan virkelig anbefale Buenos Aires! Steak and red wine.. ahhh