søndag 5. juli 2009

Lofoten, a little bit delayed...

After returning from the US we slept for a couple of hours and then got on the bus to Lofoten. Now, sitting here in Frøya, thinking about the last three years, with ESN being basically the main focus in my life - pretty melancholic. Anyways, that Lofoten trip was my 4th and last.

Starting of on the bus again like always, struggling to find a comfortable position.

…somehow easier this time though.

Frederik and Asta are taking over the steering wheel from the fall on. That is a very qualified group of people right there, and it’s with a good feeling we can let go of it.

The trip was as good as ever :) With crazy weather, changing from amazing sun to really crappy within minutes. We went hiking, went on a boat trip, some crazy people went swimming and we ate a lot of good food.

Then of course we put together the best party of the year, like always. But as also known; what happens in Lofoten stays in Lofoten. Except if your name is Elisabeth, then the reasonable thing to do is taking it to France.

The only thing left at that point was to get our buts home to Trondheim to do some studying (that’s what we are right? Students!), and the position search started once again…

For some reason you might think I think “I’ve seen this picture before”, but no people, it’s a brand new one, the open-mouth-while-sleeping-condition seems to be with me for a lifetime.

That’s it I guess, was a wonderful trip and I’ll try to remember it without mixing it into the three exact similar previous ones.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the amazing people I met over the three last years, THANK YOU! I believe I found myself somehow because of you guys…


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  1. I'm so bringing it back to Norway and Oslo this fall! Hope you'll be able to stop by, so I can finally meet that boyfriend of yours!!:) besos