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Summer in Frøya

Frøya: Freyja (sometimes anglicized as Freya), cognate to Sanskrit Priya, is a major goddess in Norse Paganism, a subset of Germanic Paganism. Because the documented source of this religious tradition, the Norse Mythology, was transmitted and altered by Christian medieval historians, the actual role, heathen practices and worship of the goddess are uncertain.

but it's also an island...

Frøya is the westernmost municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is part of the Fosen region and it consists of the island of Frøya which lies north of Hitra, as well as a number of other small islands.Facing the ocean are the fishing communities of Mausundvær, Bogøyvær, and Sula, with Mausund being the largest of these with a population of approximately 270. The main island of Frøya is fairly open and has no natural forests. The largest villages on the island are Sistranda in the east and Titran in the west. Frøya is a member of the International Island Games Association.


We (Simon and me) applied for several summer jobs; one of these had its location in Frøya. After waiting and waiting and waiting for an answer we concluded with the fact that we were not going there this summer. A couple of day’s passes and then my phone rings, the woman tells me that we got jobs for the summer IN FRØYA! Man, everything suddenly changed. After one day of thinking about it and making a list (haha) we called back and told them we were up for the challenge.

The next step was to find a place to live, but for some reason this was IMPOSSIBLE. After calling the entire list of people, some even twice, we started wondering if it’s possible to live in a tent one whole summer. Some days later I saw in my notes that one guy had recommended calling the hotel, because he thought they rented out small “brakker” as it’s called in Norwegian. I called the hotel and this really friendly lady said that “yes, of course, it’s a deal”.

Then the semester came to an end very fast and it was time to move. We cleaned out our rooms in Moholt and put all the stuff in the Taxi (a big one), and got on the boat to Frøya. Arriving in Sistranda witch is the “city-area” in Frøya, basically containing a Bunnpris, a Coop, a Library, a Bank and a Policestation – where the main activity probably is answering stupid questions from tourists, it really felt like this was the right place to spend the summer.

So we got of the bus close to the hotel and went to get the key leaving the backpacks, a couple of boxes with kitchen appliances, some plasticbags +++ at the bus stop. After seeing the “container/dumpster” we were supposed to live in the two following months, we started wondering where to put our stuff.

The next day we started working, and everybody was very helpful trying to help us find a new place to live. After a day of earning a wage we continued the search of a new residence by asking people in the supermarket and at the police station :P After no luck the entire day we returned HOME to our container, though dropping by the hotel first to talk to the woman again. She turned out to be the answer to our prayers. She said her boyfriend was selling his house in August, and that we could have it till then, and we are only staying out July, and HAHA. She said we should go and see it before we decided and that it was a little bit more expensive than the container. We really didn’t care at that point because we were so desperate, and the price she gave us was still cheaper than Moholt. For that reason we didn’t expect much, but because of the fact that it was a HOUSE, a house – just for the two of us, we decided right away. The next day we were the proud “owners” of this baby:

So now we spend our days working…





Baking also actually… (who knew you had so much time on your hands when not having a TV or internet)

Doing laundry by hand
… haha

...and having fun!

I mean... we do this in between having supercool friends visiting, traveling to exotic countries as Germany and small endangered cities in Norway like Steinkjer. This makes the time just fly by, and we can see the end of summerjob-heaven already. When come to think of it is not that bad really, because then one week of Trondheim is following, continued by some weeks driving around Italy…

I believe I saved myself the last year. This means the burning world is next on the list.


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  1. Nåååååå, it sounds like you guys are having a fantastic working summer! Enjoy:)