mandag 23. mars 2009

Nice try!

I LOVE it when my students try to answer my questions by rephrasing the question itself.

I gave them a surprise quiz today to check if they read their homework chapters (Jane Eyre), and I really enjoyed correcting them.

Let me give you a few examples:
"What does Jane decide to draw and why?"
answer: Jane decides to draw.

this one is also a good one:
"Jane really likes to draw, so she decides to draw. It makes her feel calm."

another question from the quiz: "What is peculiar about the gypsy?"
answer: the gypsy is peculiar because he doesn't act the way gypsys normally do.

or maybe you prefer this answer to the same questions:
"the gypsy"
"the gypsy is very strange looking, which is peculiar"

I can definitely appreciate (and recognize) the rephrasing strategy,
I just hope I did it a tad more subtly!

I`m adding a picture of my mentor and me out and about this weekend, shaking it loose, for your pleasure. or whatever. Please notice Jillian with her drink in the back!

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