søndag 15. mars 2009

Dolphins and transvestites

Spring Break is over :/

But it was extremely fun while it lasted!
I have now been in 8 states (over 40 left..and 3 weeks left in the US..good luck) thanks to the longest drive ever home. But at least I got to try driving on American roads (with automatic gear shift..so weird!) which was fun!

I first went to New York to meet Linda who was visiting from Denmark.
New York was great, and we had a lot of fun (and spent A LOT of money on taxis)!
We also went to the top of the Empire State Building where we for some reason were extremely popular (could it be that it was incredibly windy and Linda was wearing a wide and short skirt that blew up "Marilyn Monroe style" giving everyone a show?
Maybe. The view was gorgeous, though! (yes, I am referring both to Linda`s skirt blowing up and the view over NYC)

We also went to see Stomp, which was really cool!

After a hectic and fun weekend in New York we headed off to Florida for some fun and sun, and to meet Lloyd, Jillian, Kevin and Doug in West Palm Beach.
As the headline suggests I saw both dolphins and transvestites on this trip!

It was incredibly cool to be taking a swim and then turning your head and seeing a dolphin jump up in the air and twirl back down into the water (ok, at first we all kind of freaked out cause we thought it was a shark..but whatever!)

I am aware that it looks like I am screaming in fear (maybe of sharks) on this picture, but it`s actually just one of my strange laughing faces, so not to worry.

Never having experienced a Spring Break before I still feel like I can say this Spring Break was just how they`re supposed to be:
beach and pool during the day
food and parties during the night
developing a large number of inside jokes
listening to the same party songs over and over again

and wait...
Lloyd playing model:

I think that pretty much sums it up!
And here`s a picture of the whole group:

AK, Jillian, Linda, Doug, Kevin and Lloyd

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