mandag 2. mars 2009

More lovely 14year olds!

Today was my mentor`s birthday, and yesterday was mine, so we had a "celebration" with the students today, and 1 of them made cookies for us and the whole class!

How amazing is that?
pretty amazing if you ask me!

My supervisor also brought us cake! and with all this cake eating I`m getting ready for Spring Break (juhu!!) in Florida!!

My travelplans are as follows:
Friday the 6th of March I`m going to New York by bus to meet Linda who is coming to visit!
We`re gonna spend the weekend in NY shopping and looking at the sights before flying to Florida Sunday night, and spending a small week there. We`ll be meeting Lloyd, Jillian, Kevin and Doug there - and the vacation can officially begin.

It`s supposed to be 25degrees and sunny all of next week in West Palm Beach so it should be a nice change from the Pennsylvanian weather.
We`re driving (oh yes, 16hours!) back to State College and should be back saturday the 14th of March.

I`m excited!

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