søndag 9. november 2008



We`re Ida and Anne Kristine...I think you know us ;)

We have decided to get a blog where we can keep our friends and family updated on our plans to conquer the world. We`re planning many small and big trips in the future, and this is the place to keep track of us.

As you might know, our most extensive travelling plan is to travel through Latin/South-America from fall 09, but we`ll have lots of small and/or big events to tell you about before this.

Anne Kristine is moving to the US in January 2009 and this is where you`ll have the chance to read about what it`s like to party with Obama. Meanwhile, Ida will keep you posted on Moholt life!

So, stay tuned, and give us lots of comments! :)

- Anne Kristine & Ida -

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