mandag 24. november 2008

Hey there world - it's done!

I was thinking since Exams are coming up now, and the only reasonable thing to do would be to sit down and read the appropriate litterature in that coherence, it's about time I step up to the plate and introduce myself to these burning surroundings.

This is me moving into position...

Back in Trondheim I find myself extremely satisfied with the life we live here in Moholt Alle 22, Trondheim - Norway. We got absolutly everything we need (with the exception of some minor details, but really not that important in this context, the world is not as big as it once were, for example I can tell you that Spain is now only a couple of hours away). Every day is important, every day is educating, every day we're blessed with the presence of good friends, our familys (not that far away anyway), adventure, music, a lot of good food... and A LOT of laughter. We're lucky. We know.

This will not just be the media for telling you about our travels and the big beautiful/scary world out there. Nonono, we're gonna change it!
...and hopefully be able to contribute to making it a little bit better.

For now this is the recipe
AK will sing and I'll play, Am, F, Dm and G
Later we'll work out a more detailed plan
where we most definitely will be in contact with the hotel-man
Peace and Love
to the ones mentioned above
And to the rest of you as well
...guess I need to include you if this thing is gonna sell ;)

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