mandag 24. november 2008

The American Dream

So, it`s time to stop talking about ourselves and start talking about travelling!

Ida will go to Germany in December for a short vacation, and as mentioned Anne Kristine is moving to the US for 3 months in January...those are the travel plans closest to us in time now.
Also, we just came back from Sweden, where we tried some of the finest things Sweden has to offer (cheap meat, alcohol and candy + bowling and kebab).

Anne Kristine:
Even though it will be sad to leave Moholt and Ida I`m so excited to move to the US!
I`ve chosen the "NO" option on all the questionaires asking me if I`m coming to the US to conduct any kind of terrorism (an example of a good preventative measure as a terrorist obviously would never lie about his (or her) intentions on a questionaire). So, it seems I`m ready to go..I just need a J-status visum, a DS-2019 and a thick selection of different forms and papers and then I`ll be on my way!

I`ll be leaving Oslo the 10th of January, and returning to Trondheim the 13th of April.
I`m going to Pennsylvania, to a city called State College, and I`ll be doing an internship as an English teacher (yeah, you heard me, I, me, the Norwegian will be teaching English in the US) in a high school called State College Area High School (very creative name indeed).

I will be travelling with a guy from NTNU going there to teach social science.
We will live in a student city much like Moholt (hopefully it will be equally nice!)And while I`m in the US another English teacher in-training will be staying in my room in Moholt (Kelly from Seattle).

The pupils "over there" will refer to me as Ms.Vasset, and I must refer to all other teachers by their last name, at least when I`m in the prescence of students.
I can not wear denim (which means I have no pants to use) or short skirts (which means I have no skirts to use, as my longest one was too short) - which leaves me in my panties..but, I have a sneaking suspicion that might be slightly frowned upon too.

I hope you all come to visit me (especially you!) :)
(just bring your nice pants in case)

over and out from Moholt

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