tirsdag 20. april 2010

Bus trippin'

I forgot to tell you last time, that while Alejandro & Simon were visiting we did a little travelling too: specifically to Mar del Plata, which is about 5h. south of BsAs. It's the IT-vacation spot for porteños and is known for it's beaches and casinos. We tried both (although the beach was a cold pleasure - the casino was better). I learned (to love) playing poker!

Anyway, that's all old news now, because there is a new trip waiting to happen:
Tomorrow Kjersti & I (AK) will go to Santiago de Chile, check Chile out for a few days,
then go to Mendoza and hopefully rent a few (well..let's start with 2) bikes
and then bike from vinyard to vinyard, untill we fall off the bike (don't worry mum,
I won't actually fall of the bike..probably not anyway).

Hasta la vista babies!!!!!! (that sounded weird...I just wanted to call you baby!)

Ida-we miss u <3

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