onsdag 27. mai 2009

My (sister's) big fat jewish wedding!

Wow wow wow!

My sister just got married in Paris, and it was the most amazing wedding I've ever been too! Let me walk you through it step by step.

On Wednesday it was the ceremony at city hall, and as many guests as possible (including the bride and groom!!) wore their national costumes:

The official ceremony was conducted in French, so I didn't really understand too much (and when I say "not too much" i mean "not a damn shit") but when they got to the OUI part, I must admit I started tearing up.

After we went to eat cakes and have coffee, and according to Jewish tradition the bride and groom were showered with gifts (aka christmas eve) - something to think about for future weddings? OUI.

The next day, Thursday 21.May was the day of the "real" wedding!
And the location was Chateau de Villiers just outside Paris

The bride was gorgeous

and after the ceremony, just like in the movies, the groom got to step on a plate and break it! Mazel tov!!

We still don't know why the groom is so tall!

The wedding party got started with a bang with the "traditional" waltz:

And the dancing just continued! The bride and groom were thrown up and down on a big sheet and on carried on chairs (the parents too)

The night continued with dancing, good food, alcohol, and fun! :)

My sister is married!! :O

The rest of the days were spent sightseeing

with a baguette...MON baguette!

And we even got time to meet this crazy gal

To do another kind of "sightseeing"

And a picture for the road (my face when Madcon, a norwegian group, comes on the radio in Paris)


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  1. Lol! Dritbra ansiktsutrykk! Og gøy me filma:O) Fikk lyst tilbake i bryllup...

  2. my little genious... the bride kisses you