tirsdag 5. mai 2009

Hey there world!

AK is finally back where she belongs, in the heart of Trondheim, aka Moholt Studentby. I must say, life has been somehow more difficult without her. For instance it was suddenly not that many big dinnerparties in our kitchen anymore, as a result of this i found myself in such a bad state that I stopped going home after uni and stayed out all night (this happened maximum one time), or I didnt get up in the morning at all (this happened more than once). On top of this I struggled with the fact that there was no singing around me anymore, no singing spiced up with a lot of laughter, the melody of life flowing through the building had dissapered. And the worst part of it all, there were no more tall, sexy, morena chica lying on my bed after a night downtown, and noone to help me get the people out and about when I wanted to sleep.

Now everything is so much better, spring has arrived, and we just (I'm slow, I know) got back to this wonderful town after a 3-week-roadtrip including New York, Washington DC, Boston and Lofoten, AK was waiting for us when we came home ... I feel the melody is on its way back in trough the front door.


PS. A résumé from both trips will come soon, I just need to fulfill my duties as a groupmember writing a kind of importaint paper first.

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