torsdag 19. november 2009

We suck

Ok. We suck at updating our blog.

But I'm sure it will get better once we get to Argentina, because we should have a lot more to tell. For example, here is a summary of what I have been doing lately: waking up, studying, eating, going to sleep. You see..? not that interesting.
Apart from the fact that yesterday morning I got to ride in a police car.
Yeah, we may or may not have parked our car in a zone where they at 6 (!!) o'clock in the morning started setting up a market, and therefore got our car towed. The police drove us to the place it was parked and I can now for the first time say that I have driven in a police car! (totally worth the fine, right Alejandro?)

However we did also just have a really nice visit: Ida&Simon were here in Spain!
I can mention some of the highlights:
- when an old man started yelling at Ida&Simon in Spanish (or rather, Catalan) for kissing on a bench
- when Alejandro started yelling back at the man
- when we found a swedish street musician
- when the police came and chased away the street-sellers (this was more sad than a highlight, but still, there's something fascinating about a lot of people running with all their merchandise on their back.. I'm sure the people running would disagree with me)
- when Ida&Simon be-friended a girl in a disco so that she could sleep on Simon's shoulder instead of alone on a bench
- when we realized we could order pizza on the door
- when Alejandro&Simon came back with a pedestrian sign
- when someone said "cheers boys" instead of "cheers guys" - no names need to be mentioned
- when we discovered the game Junglespeed

I'm sure there were more, but that's all I remember for now.

A great deal of exciting things happened before November too btw, but that will be too many updates at once. I should however mention that I'm gonna be an aunt! juhu!! :) My sister is il tempo pregnante.

All I need to do now is pass a grammar exam in a language in which I can't speak in past or future - and then it will almost be xmas.
Then I need to take a multitude of injections to get me ready to go to South America.

the 18.of January 2010, I, Ida and Kjersti (the newest edition to our travelgroup) will take off! :) jiiiiiiiiiha

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