tirsdag 16. juni 2009

The US of A

I know I’m super slow, but what to do? When you have to finish a degree, say goodbye to crazy many wonderful, amazing, beautiful people and move out of the best place anyone could ever live (I’m talking about Moholt studentby) all at the same time. Anyway, here it is for all you patient people (or AK, as still might be the only one reading this).

Part 1
As mentioned we flew over the big sea to bring AK back home. It was Simon and me, arriving Wednesday, and then we picked up Alejandro in the airport Thursday after a day of cancelations and confusion. No need to get into this, lets just say it was wonderful to be together again, the four of us.

We started of in New York. A beautiful place, I must say. Breakfasting in central park, overeating on doughnuts and bagels, drinking way too much starbucks coffee, and trying all the different brands of beer produced. I think we can conclude with the fact that it’s no wonder this place struggles with obesity, you see… everything is so damn good!

We did some shopping and sightseeing while the weather was changing a lot…

Among a lot of other stuff we caught up with some old friends…

Went to a standup show…

And a basketball match (New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors)…

And we tried the hot dogs on Wall St.

After some days of living the American dream we finally caught up with the American way of thinking. As a result of this we realized that what we thought was minor problems before arrival actually are super important and far beyond our imagination (and once again, no wonder about that obesity problem when they tell people “potato chips beats depression”)…

During our days of sightseeing in New York we also stumbled over a…

This was pretty close to the Flat Iron Building, and also (in our concern) pretty hilarious. To explain in a graphic way, and to spare excess use of your imagination, I give you the video:

(And to the people in charge of maintenance of the streets in NY, I ask you to take care of this problem, I believe your inhabitants will benefit from this and you will see a lot more happy faces driving around).


Part 2
After 5 days in NY we got ourselves a car and got on the rout direction south to Washington. Here we stayed in a somewhat better facility than the one in NY. This was located a little bit outside the city, but they also served bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, in other words – I was still IN HEAVEN! 4 days we spent here, sightseeing, shopping and visiting museums and other fancy buildings.And not to forget fast-food places with bulletproof glass between you and the cashier.

Then, after a superfunny trip together, Alejandro had to get on a plane back to Europe :( We got to the airport just in time for a airportwoman to grab him and drag him to the front of the line. I don’t know, but I think she might have over exaggerated just a bit, and used the fact of us being slightly late as an excuse to touch a famous movie star from Spain. In the end he was safe on his way back home, while we moved on to another part of the airport to pick up Catherine who was flying in to spend the weekend with AK in NY while me and Simon travelled on to Williamstown, Temple and Boston.

Part 3
It was a little bit different to be just the two of us in the car from that point on (of course we missed you people). But at the same time rather wonderful to be travelling with a guy in totally control of everything and seemingly on a mission to show me everything that is needed to see in the area. The rest of the trip was completely wonderful. First we went to see Kelsey and Emily in Williamstown. They showed us their university – amazing place. And they also, unfortunately without any luck, tried to convince us to stay the night to join the big campus party that was taking place. Sadly we had to drive on the same day to reach Temple, a place Simon worked for one year, 2004/05, but also this place knew how to through a party, so no bad feelings.

We lived in Temple for 3 days, we got to live in the place Simon worked and everyone was very welcoming and we were invited to join them in the Easter activities that were taking place over the weekend. In between we also managed to go shopping and sightseeing in the area.

Monday morning we started the drive back to NY, stopping in Boston on the way including Hampton Beach to try out my new investment…

That was is I think, I mean… the short version ;)

Thank you guy’s soooo much for the amazing US-safari, I hope we will travel together soon!

- Ida -

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